Timothy Olyphant & Ron Leibman guest voice ‘Archer’ season four

Timothy Olyphant
FX and Adam Reed‘s animated spy series Archer already boasts an impressive cast of voice actors — from H. Jon Benjamin to Aisha Tyler and Judy Greer — but every season is known for a couple of fun and unexpected guest voice actors, too. Last year brought Burt Reynolds, Sterling Archer’s idol himself, and this season sees fellow FX star Timothy Olyphant, as well as Ron Leibman, to name a few.

Series star Jessica Walter already let the cat out of the bag about Leibman’s role in a previous interview, saying “My husband! Ron Leibman is playing my husband!” but LA TV Insider Examiner would be remiss if we didn’t add that this new man in Malory’s life has quite a few secrets of his own. Naturally Sterling doesn’t like him from the jump — in fact, his reaction to the wedding sets up the could-be-catastrophic events in the season premiere — but he may just come around after getting to know the real new Mr. Malory.

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