Aisha Tyler’s funny, busy life

Comedian works on several TV shows, still tours with stand-up routine

August 02, 2013|By Dustin Levy, The Baltimore Sun

Four days a week, Aisha Tyler works as co-host of “The Talk” on CBS Daytime. Every other week, she steps up to the microphone to voice the character of Lana Kane in the animated show “Archer.” And on the weekends, she hops on a plane to perform her stand-up show (she’s at the Baltimore Comedy Factory this weekend), or perhaps make an appearance at a Comic-Con.

Somewhere in there, she also finds time for her podcast,” Girl on Guy,” and to host the new version of “Whose Line is it Anyway?” Oh, and she has a new book out, “Self-Inflicted Wounds: Heartwarming Tales of Epic Humiliation.”

“It’s nice to be self-employed, but it just means that no one else can do anything for you,” she said. “So I work all day every day. Occasionally, you don’t sleep.”

We spoke with Tyler about her new hosting gig, the perks of voice acting and advice from Eddie Murphy.

With such a full plate, why do you still make time for stand-up?

Well I love it. It’s how I got started. This is my 21st year doing stand-up, so it’s in my blood and it’s the very first thing I did as a professional artist. But also, I did a movie with Eddie Murphy years ago and I was asking him if he was ever going to get back to stand-up, and he said, “It’s a muscle and if you stop working it out, it atrophies. You always have to stay sharp and never let it go.” I took that advice to heart. But I love doing it — I really love it.

How did the opportunity to host the revamped “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” come about?

They called on the phone and asked if I wanted to host the new “Whose Line.” It was pretty much a no-brainer. I loved the original show. I’m really good friends with Wayne Brady. I’m also very good friends with Drew [Carey]. It was a huge honor to take over for him, huge shoes to fill. It’s just a brand that people love. It was on the air for over a decade. People have been watching those episodes on YouTube, and it’s been amazing. All the episodes are already shot and are just airing now, but it was such a fun time and I laughed my head off. I think there’s two kinds of comedians — comedians that don’t laugh at anything and comedians who laugh at everything, and I’m definitely a person who loves to be around comedians and comedy. I had an amazing, amazing time.

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