Aisha Tyler’s recipe for success: Fail, and fail hard

(CNN) — Aisha Tyler is not your typical comedian.

The 42-year-old is a 6 foot tall woman who snowboards, camps, raps about her lack of a rear end, and can’t dance.

“I will never be the lead in Step it Up 17: Old lady gets to Krumpin’,” she writes in her new book. “I have made my peace with this.”

While she might lack rhythm, the Dartmouth grad speaks fluent French, with some functionality in Russian and Swahili.

Tyler was the first black recurring character on Friends, has filled in for the late movie critic Robert Ebert and taken on gamers who questioned her nerd status.

A few funny things happened on the way to the native San Franciscan finding success as Lana Kane in the edgy animated FX series “Archer,” and hosting “The Talk, and the CW’s “Who’s Line is It Anyway?” She (regrettably) wore two-toned hair and a see-through dress on the red carpet, survived throwing up on a guy during their first date, and bombed countless times on stage.

In “Self-Inflicted Wounds,” her second book, Tyler argues that the path to success is paved with epic failures. And she’s not afraid to share her own hard-luck stories for a laugh or to show that fear of striking out should never keep you from swinging for the fences.

CNN recently caught up with the host of the podcast “Girl on Guy,” which inspired the book, out now. The edited conversation is below.

click here to read the interview and watch the video!

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