Interview with Archer’s Aisha Tyler

Interview David Crow 10/14/2013 at 2:10PM

We join Aisha Tyler at New York Comic Con to discuss who the father might be for Lana’s baby, why Lana made that decision, and what a Who’s Line is It Anyway?/Archer crossover may look like.

Aisha Tyler is a very, very busy woman. On top of her frequent castings in movies and television shows that range from Ghost Whisperer to Talk Soup, she can currently just now be seen hosting improv sketch comedy series Who’s Line is It Anyway?,co-hosting CBS daytime chatter The Talk, and starring as everyone’s from political activist-turned corporate spy on FX’s Archer.

It was in promotion of that last gig that she was kind enough to find time to sit down with us at New York Comic Con over the weekend, and to briefly talk about her experiences as Lana, aka the solely competent member of Isis’ entire staff. I go over with her Lana’s choice to become a mother last season, what her favorite lines have been, and desperately avoid saying Lana…Lana…LANA!

So can I get this one out of the way: Who’s the father on the show?

Aisha Tyler: I can’t tell you. Of course I can’t tell you! [Laughs] You’re delusional, man! Yeah, I think that is going to be a big reveal for this season. I know who it is, but if I told you, it would ruin all of the fun.


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