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this is where you can find my live comedy dates, news about the talkarcher, and whose line is it anyway, info about my film and tv projects, and so much more. and visit my online store where you’ll find killer new merch, including official girl on guy army tees!

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speaking of girl on guy, this is the official home of my podcast “girl on guy with aisha tyler,” my show about stuff guys love, brought to you by the ultimate guy’s girl. each week my guests and i rant uncensored — about comedy, video games, drinking, comic books, art, sex, blowing sh*t up, rock and roll — the truly important stuff. girl on guy is the only place you can hear the artists you love telling the real truth. no rules, no censors, no regrets.

girl on guy’s season two launched with a vengeance, with incredible new guests, killer new self-inflicted wounds, and more and bigger mayhem. the show was named best new comedy podcast for 2011 by itunes and is a top-downloaded show on itunes, zune, and stitcher. subscribe right now, right here — or stream, download, or rss the show, all for free, right from my site. and you can get the app for ios and android, so you can put girl on guy into your face anywhere, anytime.

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