hollywoodlife.com: Young Hollywood Awards—Aisha Tyler Is An Amazing Host

Aisha’s witty comedy and ability to relate to the fans made her a great host of the 2013 YHAs! Her funny one-liners and fun interactions with the honorees had us laughing every time she came to the stage.

by Kristine Hope Kowalski

Aisha Tyler Young Hollywood Awards HostAisha Tyler brought out her sassy wit in full force as host of the 15th Annual Young Hollywood Awards. She looked like she was having the time of her life hanging out with Hollywood’s hottest fresh faces, which made her come across as a really relatable and fun host!

Aisha just straight out says what we’re all thinking: there were some seriously hot celebs in attendance of this year’s Young Hollywood Awards show! “Unfortunately, you can’t buy stock in celebrities — otherwise I’d be sitting on a pile of Ryan Gosling right now. … Or I would just be sitting on Ryan Gosling,” Aisha joked in her opening monologue. Truth!

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