hollywoodreporter.com: Aisha Tyler on Owing Her Career to High School Crush Sam Rockwell

“There was this super hot guy in my class who, by the way, was Sam Rockwell. And I followed him to an acting class,” Aisha Tyler tells us in this lightning-fast episode of Off the Cuff when we ask how she first became a performer. (Fast, by the way, is Tyler’s natural pace when speaking and just about everything else she does.) She remembers Rockwell, her high school classmate in San Francisco, as being this “tiny, strange, kind of Jack Nicholson-esque weirdo” and that she “followed his ass into class, and then I looked up and went, ‘Huh. I’ll stay!’ “aisha_tyler_a_p

She didn’t beeline straight to Hollywood from there, however, opting instead to study government at Dartmouth with an eye on environmental law, which was her first job out of school before she decided that becoming a lawyer would be a “slow, languid slide toward death.” She then moved back to the Bay Area, where she threw her hat into the stand-up comedy ring.

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