eonline.com: First Look Photos: Joel McHale, Aisha Tyler, Rashida Jones and More Celebs Travel the World in The Getaway

If it’s always been your dream to get drink whiskey in Ireland with Joel McHale or tour Paris with the beautiful Aisha Tyler, then we hate to tell you that your dream will probably never come true. But Esquire Network’s new docuseries takes you as close to that dream as possible, without the jet lag!

In these exclusive first look photos, celebs like Aziz AnsariSeth Meyers and Rashida Jones take you to their favorite cities, from Hong Kong to New York City, in The Getaway (premiering Sept. 25). From executive producers Anthony Bourdain and Zero Point Zero Production, this new original series explores the world’s greatest cities through the eyes of stars who have a real passion for travel.

Each hour-long episode features the best restaurants, bars, shops and more, but it’s better than Yelp because you have someone like True Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten guiding you. And he’s shirtless. You are welcome.

Click here to check out the photos, along with the loglines for each episode.

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