By John Gaudiosi

Aisha Tyler — Archer Femme Fatale, Gamer and Podcaster — Double-Taps Our Lucky 7:

Finding Aisha Tyler isn’t hard. In fact, you’d have to work at it to avoid her — not that you’d want to. She’s the co-host of ABC’s The Talk, the voice of Lana Kane in the sixth season of the FX hit Archer, the host of the Girl on Guy podcast and even a video game character in Ubisoft’s bestselling Watch Dogs game (she’s a regular host of Ubisoft’s E3 press conferences in LA every June). The actress and comedian even directed several episodes of Irish webseries Hipsterverse with Dylan Townsend, which debuts in March 2015. She took a few minutes between her seemingly never-ending lineup of projects to take on Playboy’s Lucky 7 Questions.

What do you think the secret is to the success Archer has had over the years?
The network committed to the show building over time because it wasn’t a success right out of the box. It was a creative success, and that’s a testament to Adam Reed’s extraordinary talent and his weird Byzantine mind, and the fact that FX allowed the show to be what it was and didn’t try to change it. It took us several seasons to stop being a cult hit and a critic’s favorite and turn into a legitimate hit for the network. We’re starting Season 6 and I don’t think we really started to get real momentum until maybe Season 3. I love the show and I’m happy that it’s doing well and it’s continuing, but we’ve always thought of it as a little show. And it’s always really a nice surprise when people say that they watch it.

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