‘Archer’ star Aisha Tyler on comedy, awkwardness and voicing Lana Kane

Tonight marks the premiere of season 5 of the hit TV show “Archer,” the raunchy, animated comedy about a spy agency called ISIS.

The head spy is Sterling Archer, a heavy drinking, philandering, smart alec voiced by H. Jon Benjamin. His foil is fellow spy Lana Kane, a gorgeous, talented and whip smart woman played by our guest Aisha Tyler.

In addition to her role on “Archer”, you can also see Tyler a host on the CBS show “The Talk”, and the reboot of the improv game show, “Whose Line Is It Anyway? Some of you may recall her role as Ross’ paleontologist love interest on “Friends.”

Tyler joins Take Two to talk about “Archer,” and what else she has on the horizon.

read/listen to the entire interview here.


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