Aisha Tyler’s Tesla ‘works on angels, tears and magic’


Aisha Tyler is the co-host of The Talk, the host ofWhose Line Is It Anyway? and the voice of Lana Kane on Teletoon’s hit animated series Archer.

A diverse actress with a long list of credits – including Ghost Whisperer, Friends, CSI: Miami, Boston Legal, Talk Soup, 24, Glee, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Hawaii Five-O – she is a best-selling author and a contributor to magazines such as Glamour, Oprah and Entertainment Weekly.

Tyler is also a veteran of stand-up comedy; her next performance is at the Royal Theatre in Toronto on Oct. 18. When she’s not working, she’s driving around California in a 2013 Tesla Model S.

Why did you buy an electric car?

I’ve been green for a long time. When I was growing up, we didn’t call it recycling or reusing. We called it being poor. We always had a family that drank out of old jelly jars and we used to fold up all of our wrapping paper at Christmas and reuse it for birthdays.

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