Aisha Tyler an unstoppable energy machine



For someone so funny and gorgeous and completely human, Aisha Tyler is an unstoppable, indefatigable, Terminator-style machine.

How Tyler is best known depends on which products of her one-woman entertainment factory you might consume. Some remember her as Charlie Wheeler on Friends, some see her daily on the CBS gabfest The Talk, some know her as Drew Carey’s replacement on the CW’s recently revived Whose Line Is it Anyway?, some love her for her work in and around video games, or her stand-up comedy, or her podcast, or her books …

Good lord. Does she ever have time to sleep? Or eat? Or poop?

“Just barely any of those,” says Tyler with a laugh so genuinely eargasmic that one wishes it could be bottled and distributed to happiness-starved regions of the world. “I’m like a camel and I save up my defecation for the weekend.”

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