Last Laugh: Aisha Tyler On Being A Woman In Comedy

Aisha Tyler is really good at being everywhere. From head point-giver on CW’s improv series Whose Line Is It Anyway? to co-host on CBS’ The Talk to the voice of Agent Lana Kane on FX’s Archer and expert podcaster on Girl On Guy, the popular comedienne has probably guest-spotted on your favorite shows, including Friends24Glee and Modern Family, to name a few.

Her talents don’t just lie on the big-screen. She has penned two books, swerve: reckless observations of a post-modern girl and self-inflicted wounds. Tyler is even well-versed in philanthropy, directing a film called Committed to benefit returning war veterans and serves on the board for Planned Parenthood. The Darthmouth grad (who bagged degrees in government and environmental policy) also enjoys video games, bourbon and snaps the best selfies on Instagram. FYI: she’s also launching a spirits line.

Here, the woman who’s never not working blesses VIBE with a nugget (or three) on being a woman in the funny business, her remedy for not-so-awesome days and the two LPs that saved her life.

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